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We care, we listen, we’re constantly learning from each other and refining our craft, we value teamwork over individual success and we’re always fun to work with, even in the trickiest of situations.



benefits of beeing a jossie.

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what do we believe in?

We do things differently, so don’t expect the ordinary. Good people make good recruiters - our balance of diligence and authenticity makes us truly the best ones for the job.

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  • Probably one of the best recruitment agencies I have ever worked with. They were incredibly committed to finding me a new role and stayed positive the entire time while continually sending me to interviews.

    Jossie Candidate

  • I can't recommend Joss Search enough when you’re looking for a new role, from the first day I signed up with them all the way through to securing me my new role they were amazing and so professional while being extremely personable at the same time.

    Jossie Candidate

  • Joss Search are the best recruitment company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! I’ve had previous bad experiences with recruitment agencies ignoring requests and not sending any jobs through … Joss Search are the complete opposite; within a week of registering, I’d been sent through 5 jobs to consider applying for!

    Jossie Candidate

  • I would highly recommend Joss Search! They were by far the most responsive, professional and engaging recruiter I came across whilst on my job search. They understood my skill set, experience and personality to place me in the perfect role. All their team are super friendly and very efficient. Thank you Joss Search!

    Jossie Candidate

  • Joss Search is an extremely high quality agency. They go to great effort to understand their candidates and match them to the roles that would be the best fit. As someone with a more unusual background I found their tailored approach particularly refreshing. Everyone on the team is super responsive and warm. I can't recommend them highly enough.

    Jossie Candidate


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